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We Buy Vintage and Used Amps from Marshall, Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, Epiphone and more !   We can offer top dollar tube amps including Marshall JMP, SLP, Fender Tweed & Black Face amps.

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     Tips on how to prepare and pack a tube amp head for shipment



We buy amps and often have sellers ship amps to us for inspection prior to purchase.  We are often asked for instructions on how to properly pack a tube amp for shipment.  Amps can be quite heavy and if not properly packed they are easy to damaged in shipment.  It's not difficult to pack an amp properly.  Here is an example of how to properly pack a Marshall head.    If you need to ship a cabinet you can follow the same steps however you don't have any tubes to remove before wrapping the cabinet.  When shipping a cabinet be sure to check that speakers are screwed in and remove any loose objects such as nuts, screws and cables that can damage the speaker cones.      
buying and selling guitar tube amps and bass amps
Remove the power cord (on newer amps) or coil the cord and insert under the handle.
Remove the screws on the back of the cabinet.
Remove the back of the cabinet. 
Carefully Remove the tubes.
Carefully wrap the tubes in bubble wrap.
       Place the wrapped tubes inside the cabinet
               then fill the cabinet with bubble wrap
Replace the back, and screws.  Make sure the back is a little snug but you should not have to push hard to get the back on.
Wrap bubble wrap around the cabinet.
Put wrap on the sides of the cabinet (top and bottom in this photo)
Place a a strip of bubble wrap on the bottom of the box then lace the amp into the box.  Note, you must use a sturdy box intended for shipping.
fill the box completely with foam peanuts or small pieces of bubble wrap (peanuts are better)
Fill the box completely making sure there are peanuts between the sides of the box and the bubble wrap.  Tape the box securely with several layers of strong tape and you're ready to ship !





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